Art Work

Washington Trapeze pieces “The Lion and the Tamer”IMG_2281wt y jhonny

A piece created whiles in the Degree for Circus Arts at the National Center for Circus Arts.

This breath-tacking balance act combines the Washington trapeze technique, with object manipulation  and whip-cracking, to create a theatrical whom theme is the relationship of a lion and it’s tamer.

It can be performed with swinging technique or without it, depending on the venue.

Technical Requirements;

imagcabeza trape8min swinging, indoors, 2×2tone rigging points with a distance of 120cm from one to the other, 4m height (same height for both points), 10x4m empty flat leveled floor, audio.

6min static, indoors, 2x1tone rigging points with a distance of 120cm from one to the other,, 4 to 7m height (same height for both points), 4m square empty flat leveled floor





Interactive theatrical contortion song sketch “Anastasya Maslavia performs for you”Anastasya Maslaviaanastasiretruke144

Interactive comedy piece with a minimum length of five minutes. This piece has been created in 2013 in Spain with the theme being immigration, it aims to evoke empathy for the immigrants in the audience members. It has been performed indoors and outdoors, in very different venues.

Easily adaptable piece that draws technique from improv and street theater, dance, contortion, juggling, handstands and Spanish guitar, resulting in a fun and lighthearted but meaningful and entertaining piece.

Technical Requirements;

5 to 30min, 2m square flat leveled floor, 1 standing microphoneIMG_20140712_185312anastasiretruke141





Static Trapeze


Habiba’s static trapeze technique always makes a strong connection with the audience.

Her bendy piece has been adapted to fit different styles such as Halloween, Christmas, white-face clowning, jams with life jazz musicians.

Discuss the style you’d like to get from this piece depending on the type of event you’d like to book it for.


Technical Requirements;

6min piece, 2×1 tone rigging points separated by 80cm (aprox), 5-7m height, 3m empty floor under trapeze, audio








Circus-dance piece “Sans-Trapeze”13510960_10154427273709155_7468237030141503183_n13533331_10154427273594155_7392310356075227434_n

A dance piece inspired in Washington trapeze movement quality and tricks, performed on the floor using a little stool for the head-blancing.

This delicate and abstract piece plays with musicality, handstand and head-balancing technique.






Technical Requirements;

4min, 5m square empty flat leveled floor, audio





Contact Habiba for more details.