Born in London in 1987, daughter of a sculptor and painter and a ceramics artist, Habiba started to learn music, dance and circus at the early age of 4, in internationally acclaimed schools such as The Place and Circus Space (now renamed as National Centre for Circus Arts).

With a traveling childhood, she received dance and music classes in different countries and cultures. At the age of 8 she started to learn theater, an art form that she continues exploring nowadays. Her families creative lifestyle continues throughout her progression towards adulthood.



In her early twenties, Habiba was helping out in the pottery family business, playing jazz guitar with her musician friends and teaching afternoon classes to children in primary schools including subjects as pottery, drawing and other arts and crafts, whilst never abandoning her passion for the physical expression art forms. At the age of 22, after buying her first trapeze in a magicians shop in Barcelona, she discovered circus training spaces. Three months latter she moved to Santiago de Compostela (Spain) to join and learn from a big, open and friendly contemporary circus community; CircoNove. In those years, Habiba flourished as a physical artist, getting her first chances to perform and teach circus at the age of 24.



In 2014 Habiba could not believe it to herself when the National Centre for Circus Arts offered her a place to study in the Degree for Circus Arts. She moved back to London excited to have such a perfect opportunity to get to know her origins. In the Degree she was awarded the opportunity to specialize in the unusual discipline Washington Trapeze (also known as head-balancing trapeze).

Nowadays, Habiba is based in London where she enjoys exploring the topic of balance. She continues to create art pieces based on the physical language, whiles teaching basic circus skills to groups of amateurs of all ages.



In the close future some of her main goals are to widen her experience of the different types of work within the circus profession, to expand the layers of her physical expression and to consolidate the technique acquired in her beloved specialty; the Washington Trapeze.



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